Benefits for Individuals and SMEs

Photovoltaic solar energy is already the most cost-effective form of energy for homes and small businesses.

Solar kits will allow you to save on your electricity bill from day one and be less dependent on large utilities. But it also has a direct benefit on the environment and the planet. Invest in the energy of the future now!


The advantages of PVHOME for individuals and SMEs

Direct savings on the electricity bill

Direct savings on the bill

Reduce your electricity bills by generating your own energy. Save from day one


Because we are professionals with experience in large projects worldwide

Enhance the value of your home

Self-consumption adds value to your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers

Less dependence on utilities

By generating your own energy, price increases will be mitigated

PVHome Price

Quick project payback

Between what you save on electricity and the sale of excess energy, you will pay off your installation in a few years

Long lifespan of your installation

Enjoy your photovoltaic self-consumption installation for over 25 years


Add batteries, wallboxes for electric cars, etc.

Ease of use

Start your project easily in our app. Quick and simple


With the guarantee of a large
photovoltaic group

And furthermore, you will be helping the planet

CO2 Emission Reduction

By generating clean energy, you reduce carbon dioxide emissions, helping to slow down climate change.

Preservation of Natural Resources

By using solar energy, dependence on fossil fuels is reduced, preserving non-renewable resources.

Less Air and Water Pollution

Not emitting atmospheric pollutants or toxic waste, air and water pollution is reduced.

Development of Green Technologies

Promote research and development of sustainable and efficient technologies for the future of energy.

Environmental Awareness

Inspire others to adopt sustainable measures by actively showing your commitment to the environment through the installation of solar panels.

Environmental Policies

By choosing solar energy, the demand for policies and regulations in favor of renewable energies and the protection of the natural environment is boosted.

With solar self-consumption, benefits for you, benefits for everyone.