Discover the values that define PVHome!

Energy Savings

Managing your solar installation not only provides you with clean energy but also allows you to responsibly control energy expenses in your home, promoting more reasonable and efficient consumption.

Collective Responsibility

At PVHome, every member of our team is committed to solving our customers’ challenges as if they were our own. We recognize that success is achieved through collective responsibility, ensuring that each project exceeds expectations.


At PVHome, the environment is our priority. Every project we undertake is rooted in a commitment to sustainable development.

With a self-consumption solar installation, you not only contribute to reducing your carbon footprint but also share your clean energy with others, helping to build a more ecological and sustainable future!

Adaptability / Custom Projects / Personalization

We stand out for offering adaptable and tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer. We don’t believe in standard solutions; we prefer a personalized approach that fits perfectly with individual demands. In an ever-evolving business environment, we strive to offer systems that not only adapt but thrive and scale efficiently.

At PVHome, our core values are more than just principles; they are the driving force behind our mission to provide sustainable and personalized energy solutions for a brighter tomorrow.

Join us and be a part of the change towards a responsible and adaptable energy future!