Why PVHome?

Because we are part of PVH, a leading company in the global photovoltaic industry with 15 years of experience in large-scale solar projects worldwide. This solid experience allows us to offer highly competitive prices on equipment from the best brands in the market and ensure maximum quality in all products and services of PVHome, an integral part of the PVH family.

Additionally, at PVHome, we offer technical support and specific training to the installer, making them completely autonomous and effective in installing our high-end photovoltaic kits.

PVHome trust

Our mission:

Transforming the solar sector towards a sustainable future

PVHome is the essential ally for local installers of small-scale self-consumption systems, both residential and for SMEs.

Our innovative platform simplifies every stage of photovoltaic solar installation, ensuring an efficient and autonomous process for installers.

Every action we take aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement, contributing with tangible actions to the growth of renewable energies and environmental awareness.

Our vision: Leaders in the Residential and SME Solar Market

At PVHome we want to change the way photovoltaic self-consumption projects are designed, making it easier for local installers, allowing individuals to easily and comfortably design their own installation, connecting users with installers in their area, and reducing costs to make solar energy even more profitable day by day.

To achieve these goals, we combine the latest technology in our app with a team of professionals with extensive experience in solar energy projects.


Join us in this energy revolution!

Discover how PVHome transforms the solar world, simplifying every step for your benefit and the well-being of the planet.