PVHome consolidates its trajectory with its first installations

20 Nov 2023 | PVHome, Spain

PVHome is celebrating the completion of its first solar self-consumption installations in Spain. These projects not only represent an environmentally friendly alternative, but also specific economic benefits for users.

The contribution to the sustainability of the electricity grid is one of the highlights of this initiative. The energy generated by the premium solar modules is used directly in the household, thus reducing the need to import electricity from other, more polluting sources. In case of over-production of energy, the surplus is fed into the grid. In this case, the user receives a bonus while contributing to the overall stability of the national electricity grid.

Sustainability and economic savings

In addition to the environmental benefits, by installing a PVHome self-consumption kit in their home or business, the customer experiences significant relief on their electricity bills. The ability to generate and consume solar energy independently leads to a considerable decrease in electricity costs for participating households that can reach an average of 70%.

According to data from 2023, taking into account the progression of energy prices and the decrease in prices of photovoltaic installations, the investment in solar self-consumption is fully paid back in 5 to 7 years, allowing the customer to enjoy continuous savings.

In short, PVHome’s solar self-consumption installations not only represent a technological and environmental breakthrough, but are also positively transforming the economic reality of users by providing a cleaner and more affordable source of energy.

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