PVH launches PVHome, a digital platform for photovoltaic self-consumption

10 Oct 2023 | PVHome

PV Hardware (PVH), the largest manufacturer of solar trackers in Europe, has launched a new product aimed at solar self-consumption for homes and small and medium-sized businesses. PVHome is a 100% digital platform that puts solar project installers in contact with the end customer, offering domestic photovoltaic self-consumption kits.

100% online design of the installation through app and web

Soon PVHome will activate an app in which the user (installer or end customer) will be able to directly design their own photovoltaic project, selecting the surface to occupy on the map. The user will only have to indicate the desired power, and the system will calculate the materials needed to carry out the project, including the number of panels, structures and inverters. The user can register in the application as an installer or customer, thus offering both parties the possibility of agreeing on a satisfactory offer and arranging the installation. The kits offered in the catalogue are adjusted to the most common demand, as well as the possibility of acquiring the components (modules, structures and inverters) separately. All of them are from leading brands and with the PVH guarantee. The company will send the selected kit with everything necessary for the installer to carry out the complete installation quickly and easily.

Personal attention and advice with documentation

The PVHome platform integrates the design and purchase processes of complete PV kits in just a few clicks. Installers will always be connected and informed at all times of the progress of the purchase process and with a dedicated technical service at their disposal. In addition, PVHome offers technical service and specific training to installers, so that they can be completely autonomous when installing the photovoltaic kits. The kits can be purchased as a complete kit or by selecting specific components. All PVHome products are top of the range and carry the PVH guarantee seal of approval.

PVHome offers a technical assistance and after-sales service, as well as the management of the permits and documentation necessary for the connection of the equipment. Although this service is currently only available in Spain, the company does not rule out extending its activity to other European countries in the future.

With this new business model, PVH enters the self-consumption market to make it possible for all households to produce and manage their own energy in a clean and sustainable way.

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